Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Color" and community

I just watched a charming film, “Outsourced,” about an American call center manager who is sent to India to train his successor. One of the scenes has the protagonist caught in the middle of a spring festival called “Holi.” I would LIKE this festival. It is paintball, Indian-style. For one day, everyone in the community grabs colored powder and throws it into the air and at each other. The air is filled with red, blue, orange, green, gold… People’s faces and clothes become crazy kaleidoscopes of color.

People of all ages and classes are caught up and brought together in the exuberant celebrations. So, in this holiday, there is color, celebration, unity -- “let the colors shower joy.” It doesn’t matter your age or your station in life, you are part of the fun.

I haven’t experienced Holi, but I have been part of groups coming together to celebrate and have fun. One memory: when I was twelve years old, our family was sitting in the kitchen, and one by one we pulled pots and pans out of the cupboards and wooden spoons out of the drawers and ended up with an impromptu jam session. It was fun and it brought us together.

What brings color and community into your life?

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